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Batman: Arkham - Chuck Greene
Chuck Greene 
 His Dead Rising 2 appearance, Off the Record appearance, Dead Rising 3 appearance, Terror is Reality outfit, Knight (Arthur from Ghosts n Goblins) outfit, Ninja outfit, Psychopath outfit, Sports Fan outfit, Solider of Fortune outfit, Mad Scientist (Dr. Wily) outfit
Intro Quotes and Animations:
*Is seen holding a package of Zombrex, saying "Katey... wait for me just a little longer."
*Checks his watch and says "I don't have time for these punks..."
*Rides in on his Slicecycle, saying "Get outta my way, or I'll MAKE you."
*Is seen at a workbench and turns away from it, holding a spiked bat and saying "Just like mom used to make..." before getting ready to fight.
Playstyle: At the surface, Chuck Greene would appear to be a very average character. He doesn't have special powers of any kind, special technology for gadgets, or any formal hand-to-hand combat training, unlike anyone else in the cast. However, he makes up for this by turnin
:iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 1 5
UMVC3 Moveset - Brandon Whittaker

Theme: "Eon" by Celldweller ( )
Character Bio: 
Real Name: Brandon Whittaker
Occupation: CURE Protester 
Abilities: Frantic, ferocious combatant able to use a glass shard to lethal effect.
Weapons: Glass shard that he uses as a makeshift knife
Profile: Brandon was a member of the organization CURE, who believed that zombies were no less than other people. However, when the outbreak started, which Chuck Greene was accused for, Brandon snapped, and started to believe that this was the "best way to end the oppression" by turning everyone into zombies. So he set out on that goal.
First Appearance: Dead Rising 2 (2010)
Power Grid:
Intelligence: 2/7
Strength: 2/7
Speed: 4/7
Stamina: 3/7
Energy Projection: 1/7
Fighting Ability: 2/7
Intro: Brandon walks in next to a mirror and smashes it, taking a shard from it and getting ready to fight.
Intro Lines:
"The movement is growing..."
"Why can't y
:iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 1 10
SOMETHING DIFFERENT!! (Plush Collection: Special) by Khfan-D98 SOMETHING DIFFERENT!! (Plush Collection: Special) :iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 1 3
Batman: Arkham - Kairi (Request)
Her regular outfit as of Kingdom Hearts II, Her KH1 appearance ( With the short hair, and clothes somewhat stretched and adjusted to fit her older body), Her school uniform, Her KH3 promotional artwork outfit (The pink hooded outfit), Aqua's outfit
Intro Quotes and Animations:
*Appears in a beam of light, looking somewhat confused and saying "What world is this?"
*Points Destiny's Embrace forward while saying "This time.. I'LL fight!"
*Puts her hand to her heart, saying "Sora, Riku.. wait for me."
*Looks at her lucky charm while saying "This will take me back to my friends.. but first, I have to fight my way out of here."
*Puts her hands behind her back and says "Seems like it'll be a good test for my Keyblade skills."
Playstyle: Kairi would be a sort of "Glass Cannon" archetype, able to move fast and deal good damage quickly, but unable to take alot of damage, with speed and health comparable to Catwoman. She has good damage and above average
:iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 2 5
Dead Rising Psychopath Idea: 26
Name: Jonathan Bergum 
Mission: Annual Checkup 
Weapon: Shocker, Super Saw (Chainsaw+Cement Saw)
Story: Jonathan was once the most skilled doctor in all of Willamette, who was able to save literally every patient who came to see him. But
in a tragic turn of events, when the outbreak happened, all of his latest patients were zombified in front of him, and he snapped instantly. In denial, he tried to "improve" his room in the hospital by inadvertently making it a deathtrap, with electricity, blades, and other assorted traps. Along with this, he tried to "cure" zombies by slaughtering them. In the end, this man who was once a hero became no less than another madman.
Appearance: Jonathan's whole ensemble is bloodied, in no small part thanks to his new "Medical process". The ensemble consists of a white medical mask, white gloves, and black scrubs. He also has medium length black hair and red eyes.
Encounter: *Frank is wandering around the hospital, in a hall where the lights are
:iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 3 4
Dead Rising Psychopath Idea: 25
Name: Marco Ives 
Mission: The Toymaker 
Weapon: Freedom Bear, Acid Toy
Story: Marco ran the toy store in the Willamette mall, and as such, he used to be a very kind-hearted man, who would always look forward to meeting new people to give his merchandise to. Unfortunately, when the outbreak started, he found salvation in his toys, and became obsessed with keeping them all to himself, attacking anyone and anything who he even THOUGHT would come to take them while holed up in his store.
Appearance: Marco has freckles, small spectacles, red short hair,white overalls, blue shirt, and red tie. He also has normal small brown shoes.
Encounter: *Frank is walking around, and sees Marco in the toy store, arranging shelves. He walks in*
Frank: Uh.... hello? You need some help?
Marco: Hmm? What do you want? Make it quick.
Frank: Well, uh... pal, there's a zombie outbreak going on, and it's really not safe here. So I was wondering if I could help you out, and then get you to safety.
:iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 4 9
UMVC3 Moveset - Simon Belmont

Theme: "Theme of Simon" ( )
Character Bio:
Real Name: Simon Belmont 
Occupation: Vampire Hunter
Abilities: Skilled with his whip, and has several holy powers at his disposal.
Weapons: The "Vampire Killer", a magical whip that can only be used by someone from his bloodline. Along with that, he has an assortment of sub-weapons, such as a throwing axe, knives, a watch that stops time, a holy boomerang shaped like a cross, and "Holy water", a glass that breaks on the ground and creates a fire.
Profile: Several years ago, a man named Mathias Cronqvist gave into the darkness, becoming the legendary Vampire known as Dracula. From then on, the descendants of his old friend Leon Belmont would be forced to fight and kill him every time he arose from his grave to torment humanity. Simon was one of the original and most famous of the clan to do so. Simon Belmont fought through Dracula's castle and defeated him,bu
:iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 0 11
Dead Rising Psychopath Idea: 24
Name: Edward Blackwater 
Mission: Dead Men Tell no Tales 
Weapon: The Buccaneer Blade (Combo Weapon: Hunting Knife+Lead Pipe), Cannon, Hook Hand
Story: Edward Blackwater was a performer in a sort of play, where he was in the lead role of a pirate captain. However, when the outbreak happened, his fellow cast and crew were killed, and he snapped, thinking himself to really be the captain. He retreated into the mall and took a few people hostage at a pirate ship displayed in it, as well as finding two equally insane men, Cecil Patch and Peter Macaw, to join him as his "crew".
Appearance: Edward wears a pirate hat, an eyepatch, and a peg leg, along with a red pirate vest and blue trousers. He has a red boot on his non-peg leg foot, and has a full brown beard, and brown hair. Cecil and Peter have red and blue, respectively, ensembles of bandannas, tanks, and boots.
Encounter: *Frank is walking around the "Freshwater cove" area of the mall, and notices the pirate ship. He stops to
:iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 5 8
Dead Rising Psychopath Idea: 23
Name: Raymond Cadogan 
Mission: Handicap Service (Unmarked)
Weapon: Blitzkrieg 
Story: Raymond was an army man who lost his legs in the field of battle, and was forced to come back home to Willamette after an honorable discharge. Tragically, the outbreak happened and took his family away from him. He became depressed, and that plus his PTSD meant he lost his sanity fully, after which he modified his wheelchair into a Blitzkrieg and became a one-man army, killing zombies and survivors alike, thinking them to be "traitors to the flag".
Appearance: Raymond is in his late 30s-early 40s, with short brown hair, a tank top with a bloodied American flag on it, camoflauged trousers, and combat boots.
Encounter: *Frank walks into an American history gift shop, and hears gunshots*
Frank: Hello?! Is anybody in here??! *He runs over to the back, and sees Raymond shooting a zombie in the head, splattering it's brains over the walls*
Raymond: Another traitor bites the dust.. *He salutes*
:iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 4 15
Dead Rising Psychopath Idea: 22
Name: Bobby Hunt, Jimmy Chase
Mission: Predator and Prey 
Weapon: Sniper Rifle (Hunt), Decapitator (Chase)
Story: Australian childhood friends, Bobby and Jimmy grew up to be big game hunters/poachers. However, their passion for the latter made them targets for the police. Thus, they were always on the run together, and when the outbreak happened, they decided they would take the chance to kill the remainder of Willamette's animals, along with any innocent people, who they were convinced would turn them in.
Appearance: Bobby is tall and buff, with sculpted facial features, a clean shaven face, ripped blue jeans and vest, black ponytail, and a fedora. Jimmy is short and skinny with short blonde hair, glasses, a goatee, and like-new red jacket and pants.
Encounter: *Frank is walking outside the police station, having gotten a call of several mysterious killings, both people and animal. Bobby and Jimmy are on the rooftop, conversing*
Bobby: There's another of those scummy yanks who'll
:iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 4 13
UMVC3 Moveset - Kirby

Theme: "Green Greens" ( )
Character Bio:
Real Name: Kirby 
Occupation: Protector of Dreamland 
Abilities: Kirby has the unique ability to "inhale" his enemies and swallow them, after which he gains most of their own special powers in the form of "copy abilities". He can also fly into the air by flapping his arms.
Weapons: None by default, but gains the weapons of his enemies when he inhales them.
Profile: Kirby is an odd, mysterious, yet adorable creature from the planet Pop Star who was one day called upon when the "king" of his home, King DeDeDe, took all the food for himself. Kirby fought to get it back, but soon learned that there was more at stake than just the food. Since then, Kirby has gone on several adventures across the stars, fighting and sometimes even teaming up with his old nemesis.
First Appearance: Kirby's Dream Land (1992)
Power Grid: 
Intelligence: 2/7
:iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 2 35
UMVC3 Moveset - Spider-man 2099

Theme: "Malicious Wings" ( )
Character Bio:
Real Name: Miguel O'Hara 
Occupation: Vigilante/Scientist 
Abilities: Powers similar to Spider-man, but lacks Spider-sense. Instead, he has "web wings" that allow him to glide on air currents, as well as poisonous fangs.
Weapons: Webs similar to Spider-man that allow him to capture enemies. Fangs that poison any enemies he bites. Sharp claws that allow him to slash, along with talons on his costume.
Profile: Miguel O'hara is a scientist from the year 2099 who worked for the mega-corporation "Alchemax". Growing up around stories of the now-legendary hero Peter Parker, or Spider-man, O'hara was in charge of a science project that was planned to somehow duplicate Parker's superpowers, and create an Alchemax-owned version of Spider-man to use as a weapon. However,one of the test subjects was horribly mutated and soon died during the procedure, c
:iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 3 21
UMVC3 Moveset - Sgt. Boykin

Theme: "Scrape" by Blue Stahli ( )
Character Bio:
Real Name: Dwight Boykin
Occupation: Sergeant 
Abilities: Skilled gunman and hand-to-hand combatant from time in the military.
Weapons: Machine Gun, Grenade, Combat Knife, Pistol
Profile: Dwight Boykin was a military man, whose unit was dispatched to Fortune City during the outbreak to kill zombies and rescue survivors. Sadly, it went horribly wrong, when the zombies were turned into powerful "gas zombies",and Boykin's soldiers were all killed. He snapped, and took his soldiers, who he still thought were alive, with him, along with thinking that any person who came near him was a zombie.
First Appearance: Dead Rising 2 (2010)
Power Grid:
Intelligence: 3/7
Strength: 3/7
Speed: 3/7
Stamina: 3/7
Energy Projection: 1/7
Fighting Ability: 4/7
Intro: Boykin drives onscreen in his humvee, gets out of it, and raises his head before aiming his machine gun at the
:iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 3 6
UMVC3 Moveset - Reed Wallbeck and Roger Withers

Theme: "Switchback Detroit 2000" by Celldweller ( )
Character Bio:
Real Name: Reed Wallbeck, Roger Withers 
Occupation: Magicians
Abilities: Below-average magicians. However, Reed somehow knows how to use a rocket launcher, and Roger is very skilled with his twin swords.
Weapons: Rocket Launcher (Reed), two scimitars (Roger)
Profile: A washed-up, arrogant stage magician and his quiet assistant, these two were were preparing to get back into the spotlight when the Fortune City outbreak occurred. They took the opportunity to kidnap innocent woman and "practice" the iconic saw a woman in half trick on them, only to wind up killing them, after which Reed would blame Roger for any and all failures.
First Appearance: Dead Rising 2 (2010)
Power Grid:
Intelligence: 4/7 (Both)
Strength: 2/7 (Reed), 3/7 (Roger)
Speed 2/7 (Reed), 3/7 (Roger)
Stamina: 3/7 (Both)
Energy Projection: 1/7 (Both)
:iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 3 7
UMVC3 Moveset - Sora

Theme:"Hikari Rock Version" ( )
Character Bio:
Real Name: Sora
Occupation: Keyblade Wielder 
Abilities: Sora is a skilled sword fighter, and has several different kinds of magic spells at his disposal. He is also able to use light in several ways to attack.
Weapons: The Keyblade, a weapon that is a combination of a sword and a key.
Profile: Sora used to be an ordinary boy who always dreamed of seeing other words, with his friends Riku and Kairi. However, one fateful night, when he was 14, the islands that he lived on were attacked by creatures known as heartless, and he gained a mysterious weapon known as the Keyblade. Separated from his friends, and his home destroyed, Sora learned that it was his duty as the Keyblade's chosen wielder to go to other worlds and seal their "keyholes", to prevent the heartless from attacking them anymore.
First Appearance: Kingdom Hearts (2002)
Power Grid:
:iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 3 18
Soul Calibur Moveset - Cloud Strife

Stage: An eerily lit city area with a factory, full of construction areas, and green lights emanating from it.
Stage Music:
Character Bio: Cloud Strife is an ex-member of the group SOLDIER, a military fighting force enhanced by the energy "mako", who work for the mega corporation Shinra. One day, he was hired by the rebellion group Avalanche to fight against his former employers and save the planet, all the while discovering hidden secrets from his past and fighting his fated enemy, the former hero Sephiroth.
Real Name: Cloud Strife
Occupation: Mercenary
Abilities: Almost superhuman s
:iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 2 15


Injustice 2 Hype be like: by bestpony666 Injustice 2 Hype be like: :iconbestpony666:bestpony666 3 2
Death Battle Moveset: Discord
Entrance: A stone statue of Discord is seen before it cracks and breaks apart, Discord emerging from it and rubbing his hands together mischievously.
Exit: Discord lays down on his back in the air and claps sarcastically for the opponent before vanishing into thin air.
Standard (Light): Swats with his lion paw
Standard (Medium): Smacks with his tail
Standard (Heavy): Summons a muscular rabbit to punch the opponent
Launcher: Makes a stone statue of the opponent burst from the ground
Aerial (Light): Kicks
Aerial (Medium): Slaps twice
Aerial (Heavy): Drops a hedge on the opponent
Crouching (Light): Kicks
Crouching (Medium): Sweeps his tail across the ground
Crouching (Heavy): Makes a flower sprout muscular arms and punch the opponent
Grab: The Kitchen Sink
Discord grabs the opponent with his eagle claw and tosses them into the air before summoning a sink and dropping it on them.
Special Moves:
Chocolate Rain: Discord summons a rain cloud above the opponent and makes chocolate milk ra
:iconyellowflash1234:YellowFlash1234 4 2
pizza and pepsi stamp by SheilaMBrinson pizza and pepsi stamp :iconsheilambrinson:SheilaMBrinson 382 14 Pepsi Addict by Amiliha Pepsi Addict :iconamiliha:Amiliha 288 48 Sayaka Miki - Stamp by RedVelvetKittens Sayaka Miki - Stamp :iconredvelvetkittens:RedVelvetKittens 25 1
Death Battle Moveset: Samurai Jack

Entrance: Jack falls onscreen and draws his sword with a glare.
Exit: Jack sheathes his sword and turns around, a gust of wind blowing at his clothes.
Standard (Light): Slashes
Standard (Medium): Slashes downward
Standard (Heavy): Slashes twice
Launcher: Slashes upward
Aerial (Light): Slashes
Aerial (Medium): Slashes downward
Aerial (Heavy): Spins with his sword outstretched
Crouching (Light): Kicks
Crouching (Medium): Slashes
Crouching (Heavy): Slashes upward
Grab: Samurai Cutter
Jack grabs the opponent, flips them over his shoulder, and slashes them across the chest.
Special Moves:
Samurai Blade: Jack lunges at the opponent and does a falling downward slash.
Holy Sword: Jack slashes the opponent twice before hitting them with a downward slash that bounces them off the ground.
Slicing Dash: Jack sheathes his sword and dashes through the opponent while drawing his sword, slashing the opponent.
Rapid Cutting Strike: Jack does a quick flurry of slashe
:iconyellowflash1234:YellowFlash1234 4 1
Death Battle Moveset: Princess Peach

Entrance: Peach floats down on her parasol and winks to the opponent.
Exit: Peach puts her hand over her mouth and giggles.
Standard (Light): Slaps
Standard (Medium): Kicks
Standard (Heavy): Whacks the opponent with her parasol.
Launcher: Whacks the opponent with either a golf club, a tennis racket, or a frying pan
Aerial (Light): Spins
Aerial (Medium): Whacks with her crown
Aerial (Heavy): Swings her parasol downward
Crouching (Light): Kicks
Crouching (Medium): Spins
Crouching (Heavy): Creates a heart shaped explosion
Grab: Perry the Parasol
Peach whacks the opponent upward with her parasol and catches them on top of it. She then slams them back down.
Special Moves:
Vegetable Throw: Peach plucks a turnip out of the ground and throws it.
Peach Bomber: Peach lunges forward and strikes the opponent with her rear, causing a heart shaped explosion.
Sleepy Time: Peach causes a ram to fall from the sky that will put any opponent who touches it
:iconyellowflash1234:YellowFlash1234 8 0
Death Battle Moveset: Bandana Waddle Dee

Entrance: Bandana Dee walks up, ties his bandana around his head, and pulls out a spear.
Exit: Bandana Dee waves goodbye, spins his spear like a helicopter blade, and flies away.
Standard (Light): Thrusts his spear forward
Standard (Medium): Thrusts the spear forward twice
Standard (Heavy): Swings the spear downward
Launcher: Spins the spear in front of his body
Aerial (Light): Thrusts his spear forward
Aerial (Medium): Spins with his spear extended
Aerial (Heavy): Swings his spear downward
Crouching (Light): Thrusts his spear forward
Crouching (Medium): Stabs forward twice
Crouching (Heavy): Sweeps his spear across the ground.
Grab: Spear Shuffle
Bandana Dee jabs the opponent with the butt of the spear and plants the head in the ground. He then lifts himself up to near the top of the spear and spins, kicking the opponent in the face.
Special Moves:
Multispear Attack: Bandana Dee repeatedly thrusts his spear forward.
Spear Copter: Bandan
:iconyellowflash1234:YellowFlash1234 7 2
Sailor Saturn Render #4 by Princess-of-Thorn Sailor Saturn Render #4 :iconprincess-of-thorn:Princess-of-Thorn 42 0 Weiss! by Aquigirl1 Weiss! :iconaquigirl1:Aquigirl1 69 6 Blake! by Aquigirl1 Blake! :iconaquigirl1:Aquigirl1 42 10 Megaman X in Smackdown Shut your Mouth by CreateModez Megaman X in Smackdown Shut your Mouth :iconcreatemodez:CreateModez 2 0 Alpha 5 (WWE Smackdown!: Here Comes the Pain) by CreateModez Alpha 5 (WWE Smackdown!: Here Comes the Pain) :iconcreatemodez:CreateModez 1 0 Spider-man PS4 by cascadeart Spider-man PS4 :iconcascadeart:cascadeart 83 8 E.X.E.= I AM...A Wrestling...GOD!!! by triplestar100 E.X.E.= I AM...A Wrestling...GOD!!! :icontriplestar100:triplestar100 1 0 Maximum Carnage by Devin-Francisco Maximum Carnage :icondevin-francisco:Devin-Francisco 102 9


This is a great piece of artwork. I love the watercolor-esque design of everything and how you drew the trio, and to me, this looks ver...




506 deviations
Chuck Greene 

 His Dead Rising 2 appearance, Off the Record appearance, Dead Rising 3 appearance, Terror is Reality outfit, Knight (Arthur from Ghosts n Goblins) outfit, Ninja outfit, Psychopath outfit, Sports Fan outfit, Solider of Fortune outfit, Mad Scientist (Dr. Wily) outfit

Intro Quotes and Animations:

*Is seen holding a package of Zombrex, saying "Katey... wait for me just a little longer."

*Checks his watch and says "I don't have time for these punks..."

*Rides in on his Slicecycle, saying "Get outta my way, or I'll MAKE you."

*Is seen at a workbench and turns away from it, holding a spiked bat and saying "Just like mom used to make..." before getting ready to fight.

Playstyle: At the surface, Chuck Greene would appear to be a very average character. He doesn't have special powers of any kind, special technology for gadgets, or any formal hand-to-hand combat training, unlike anyone else in the cast. However, he makes up for this by turning out to be very versatile. Chuck can still punch through thugs as well as anyone else, being only slightly weaker than Batman, he has a very powerful set of gadgets, and the combo weapons that he pulls out to use in combat give him a unique advantage over Batman and Co. But Chuck has to wait extra time to recharge his gadgets, and when they run out of uses, Chuck drops them, making him vulnerable. Along with this, he doesn't have a grappling hook, or any substitute, or way to pull down vents, so he has to rely on old fashioned climbing to get around in predator challenges.

Special Vision: Chuck's special vision, case check, is very unique.Instead of using a gadget to look directly, Chuck holds his transciever to his ear and walks along, Stacey Forsythe giving him information from back at the fortune city bunker. Armed enemies are highlighted orange, and unarmed enemies are highlighted black. Also, unique to Chuck, you can pull up a map while pausing, which shows the time that's been taken on the challenge, as well as showing points of interests, like walls, potential hiding spots, and items for environmental takedowns.


* Fire Spitter - Chuck takes out a modified spitball gun and shoots fireballs from it, with his version of the basic rapid-fire projectile gadget, operated by LI and LB. It can cause good damage and set thugs on fire.

* Blambow - Chuck takes out a bow and arrow with dynamite for ammo and fires it. The projectile can take out a lot of thugs in a radius in combat challenges, and in predator challenges, it's Chuck's way of destroying breakable walls. However, you have to be careful, because thugs in combat challenges make it hard to aim, and in predator challenges, it makes a lot of noise, as can be expected.

* Freedom Bear - Chuck pulls out a teddy bear with a machine gun and sets it down. The bear acts as a sort of ally/defense turret for Chuck, spinning on it's own to fire it's gun at foes. However, the bear can be destroyed by enough attacks from thugs, and afterwards, Chuck has to wait for quite some time before he can use it again.

* Molotov - Chuck pulls out a classic molotov cocktail and tosses it in an arc, burning any thugs in it's path.

* Beer Hat - Chuck pulls out a hard hat with beer bottles attached to the sides and puts it on his head, sipping away with each press of the gadget's use button. However, you have to drink it slowly, because if drank too fast, Chuck will double over and clutch his stomach as if he's sick.

* Power Guitar - Chuck pulls out a power guitar with several mini speakers on it and starts rocking out, playing a chord so hard and loud that it emits a shockwave and any thugs in the radius have no choice but to cover their ears.

* Holy Arms - Chuck pulls out a wooden sword and shield set, each filled with spikes. Chuck blocks with the shield, damaging any thugs stupid enough to try and attack, and follows up by striking him with the sword.

* Drill Bucket - Chuck pulls out a bucket with a couple of drills at the top of it and sticks it on the closest thug's head, drilling the poor sap's head and killing him instantly. However, this can only be used once per challenge, and doesn't recharge.

* Heliblade - Chuck pulls out a helicopter with a machete attached to the blades and sends it out, slashing up any thugs in it's path.

* Roaring Thunder - Chuck pulls out a mask of Blanka from Street Fighter with electric wires attached and puts it on the floor, shocking thugs in a radius.

Slide Animation: Chuck leans back and does a baseball slide.

Dive Animation: Simply does a roll on the ground, like in Dead Rising. When diving "over" an enemy, Chuck simply rolls through him, knocking him over.

Stun Animation and Beatdown: Chuck pulls out an Air Horn and blows it while covering his own ears, stunning the thug, then takes out his trusty Paddlesaw and repeatedly slashes from left to right for the beatdown. When doing a super stun, Chuck blows the Air Horn twice before playing a short chord on the Power Guitar to blow a radius of thugs away.

Knife Dodge and Knife Dodge Takedown: Chuck jumps and dodges out of the way of the knife slashes. When doing the knife dodge takedown, Chuck takes out a Driller and runs it through the thug's chest, starting the drill and killing the thug.

Environmental Takedowns:

When close to a light, Chuck will take out a Laser Sword and get close to the thug, followed by running the sword through the thug's stomach and the light.

* When close to a hanging light, Chuck will pull out a lead pipe and rapidly hit the light with it, eventually knocking it down on the thugs.

* When close to a vent, Chuck takes out his Defiler and hits the vent away, with enough force to break the vent and break the thug's neck.

* When close to a fuse box, Chuck pulls out an Electric Crusher and hits the thug in the face with it, followed by smashing the battery end into the fuse box and using it as a conductor to electrocute the thug.


* One enemy, punching - Before thug can attack, pulls arm back and does a haymaker to knock him down

* One enemy, punching - Slips on a pair of boxing gloves and does a combo of punches ending with an uppercut, during which a ring bell sound is heard

* One enemy, punching - Takes out Auger and rams it forward, knocking thug back

* One enemy, punching from behind - Does a backdrop, squashing thug under Chuck's weight

* One enemy, kicking - Does a strong kick to thug's gut

* One enemy, kicking from behind - Takes out a boomerang and throws it, missing thug before somehow coming back and hitting from behind

* One enemy, with a blunt weapon - Pulls out a sledgehammer and brings it down on thug

* One enemy, with a blunt weapon - Pulls out a paddle to block the blow, followed by using the paddle to shove thug back

* One enemy, with a thrown object - Catches object and tosses it back to thug

* One enemy, from League of Assassins/Ninja - Pulls out a katana and slashes with it, followed by doing a spin kick while yelling like Bruce Lee to knock ninja back

* One enemy, close to a wall - Rams thug with shoulder and forces him into wall

* One enemy, close to a rail - Grabs enemy by the back of the head and slams his face into the rail

* Two enemies, both in front - Jumps up and does a dropkick, hitting both enemies with his feet

* Two enemies, both in front - Slips on MMA gloves and rapidly punches both thugs in their faces before doing a roundhouse kick to knock them both down

* Two enemies, one in front, one behind - Does a leg sweep, knocking both guys down

* Two enemies, one in front, one behind - Picks one enemy up, lifting over his head, and tosses him into his friend 

* Three enemies, in a triangle - Pulls out Defiler and spins around with it out,hitting all thugs before stopping, slightly dizzy

* Three enemies, in a triangle - Slips on Burning Skull and charges headfirst, ramming into all thugs and setting them on fire 

Special Combo Takedowns: 

* Pulls out Electric Chair and kicks thug into it, then rides around, electrocuting thug and tossing him out

* Grabs thug and slips on Flaming Gloves before rapidly punching him in the face, burning him

* Takes out Pole Weapon and slashes thug across the chest before stabbing him through the gut

* When enemy has a gun, Chuck will pull out a Boomstick and impale the thug, then shoot a round from it to blast him off

* When enemy has a stun stick, Chuck will shove the baton to the thug's stomach, shocking him a bit, before slipping on The Shocker and holding it to his chest, frying him

* When enemy has a shield, Chuck pulls out an Impact Blaster and holds it to the shield, creating a shockwave that goes through the shield and sends thug flying

Special Combo Disarm and Destroy:

* When enemy has a firearm, Chuck pulls out the Laser Sword and slashes the gun, slicing it before whacking the thug over the head with the handle

* When enemy has a blunt weapon, Chuck takes the weapon and does a home run swing to it's wielder before throwing it to the ground, followed by pulling out his own Spiked Bat and bashing the weapon into splinters 

* When enemy has a knife, Chuck will pull out the Roaring Thunder and attach one of the wires to the blade, sending a current through it and forcing the thug to drop it

* When enemy has a thrown object, Chuck will take out the Exsanguinator and ram it into the weapon, chipping up the object before knocking the thug down with the vacuum cleaner 

Ground Takedowns: 

* Kneels down and grabs the thug by the collar before punching him in the face

* Stands and kicks the thug in the face

* Stands and slams a sledgehammer down on the thug's chest

* When far away, jumps over and does an elbow drop on the thug's stomach

* When far away, jumps over and stomps on the thug's head

Grate Takedown: While hiding in a floor grate with an enemy above him, Chuck will pull out the Laser Sword and jump out of the grate, slashing the thug across the chest on the way up.

Vent Takedown: While hiding behind a ventilation shaft with an enemy in front of him, Chuck will pull out the Reaper and roll out of the vent, stabbing the thug in the leg with the katana end before running the sickle end through his lower abdomen.

Ledge Takedown: While hanging from a ledge, Chuck will grab the closest enemy and pull him towards him, followed by getting on the ledge and kicking him off to his death.

Double Ledge Takedown: Chuck simply pulls both guys off the ledge.

Wall Takedown: When behind a weak wooden wall with an enemy on the other side, Chuck can pull out his Defiler and swing it, smashing through the wall and bashing the thug's head open.

Reverse Ledge Takedown: While hanging from a ledge with an enemy under him, Chuck will pull out his Drill Bucket,slowly drilling the thug's head. However, this counts against the Drill Bucket's uses.

Window Takedown: When behind a glass window with an enemy on the other side, Chuck will stab the Laser Sword through the glass, impaling the thug.

Glass Ceiling Takedown: When standing on a glass ceiling with a foe underneath, Chuck will jump up and do an elbow drop, breaking through the glass and coming down on the foe.

Vehicle Takedown: When sneaking up on a car undetected, Chuck will jump on the hood and slip on his Knife Gloves, stabbing through the hood and making the engine go out of control, before jumping off and letting the driver crash.

Abramovici Twin/Enforcer Takedown: After beating one of the Abramovici twins or an enforcer thug, Chuck will take out the Electric Rake and thrust it into their face, shocking them, before pulling it out and ramming it into the chest, electrocuting them by jolting their heart.

Titan Takedown: After defeating a titan thug, Chuck will slip on Knife Gloves and rapidly slash it in the face, before jumping up it and plunging the Laser Sword through it's back.

Killer Croc Takedown: After defeating Killer Croc in the Iceberg Lounge, Chuck will pull out a Super B.F.G and fire it, emitting an ear-piercing shockwave that forces Croc to cover his ears and come down to Chuck's level, followed by slipping on the Tenderizers and rapidly punching him in the gut, stabbing him and forcing him to further double over, before jumping up, kicking Croc on the way, and bringing the Defiler down on his head with full force on the way down.

Silent Takedown: 

* Gets the enemy in a sleeper hold and chokes the life out of him. When doing a knockout smash, Chuck will swiftly lift his leg and do a DDT, slamming the thug's face into the ground.

* Takes out the Spiked Bat and rams it into the back of the guy's head slowly, piercing the back of the head. When doing a knockout smash, he will instead quickly pull the bat out, leaving some of the nails in the thug's head.

* Pulls out a Chef Knife and stabs the guy in the neck. When doing a knockout smash, he pulls the knife back out and continues to stab 4 more times, as the shower theme from Psycho plays.

Double Takdown: Chuck pulls out the Pole Weapon and slashes both thugs across the back.

Drop Attack: When on a higher position right above an enemy, Chuck can do an elbow drop, slamming down on the guy and leaving him out for a bit from the height the attack was done at.

Riddler Announcements: When doing a predator challenge as Chuck Greene, these are specific quotes that Riddler says to his henchman.

* "Why does a dull, ordinary man think he even has a CHANCE at defeating me? Show him he doesn't..."  In the beginning, before anyone is taken down

* "Pardon me? Those weapons defy the laws of mere SENSE!! How are you doing this??" After someone's been taken down

* "I see... he's at least smart enough to make ridiculous killing tools. But those tools can break easily.."

Joker's Carnival Announcements: In the Joker's Carnival map, The Joker says specific quotes to each character before and after the challenge.

* "Where'd you get those wonderful toys??! Can I have some?"  Before the challenge 

* "Eh.. fine.You win... y'know, he kinda looks like a DAD type. Makes me wanna visit his kids someday... hee-hee..." After the challenge 

Iceberg Lounge Announcement: In the Iceberg Lounge map, The Penguin says specific quotes to each character before the challenge.

* "What kinda weapon do ya call THAT? I'll have it myself, as soon as these lot finish you off.."

Combat Map Thug Quotes: Here are things that thugs in combat challenges say to Chuck Greene.

* "I'll break those toys of yours!"

* "You're gonna need painkillers after we're done!!"

* "Get lost, grandpa!"

* "Your time's runnin out!!"

* "Where do you think you're going??!"

Stealth Map Thug Quotes: Here are things that thugs in predator challenges say to Chuck Greene, that change whether calm, nervous, or terrified, which depends on how many thugs have been beaten. There are also quotes from TYGER guards, but they don't say anything different when nervous, or get terrified.

* "He's just a regular guy. We'll get em." Calm

* "This'll be a warm up for the bat..." Calm 

* "Lucky shot, old guy..." Nervous

* "We're finding him, and he's dead meat!!" Nervous

* "C'mon out, Chucky!!"

* "He's killing us.. with things made outta duct tape!!!" Terrified

* "How???!!! We're like zombies or somethin compared to this guy!!!!" Terrified

* "Leave me alone, you psychopath!!!" Terrified

* "Target: Chuck Greene. A known terrorist, who has killed government soldiers. Stay alert." Calm, TYGER guards

* "Target has an unknown arsenal of weapons. Do not get careless." Calm, TYGER guards
Batman: Arkham - Chuck Greene

Thought I'd do one more before my next Arkham request. Just hang in there, bestpony666 .Your next request'll be next.

Anyways, onto Chuck Greene. I just recently beat Dead Rising 2, and got the A ending. I'm level 45, and am in overtime,killed all the psychopaths, but haven't gotten all the survivors or combo cards yet.. man, this game is awesome! I love everything! The weapons, the boss themes, and Chuck Green himself is awesome, as I'm sure is known by now.. he's just hardcore, and I wanted to try him in an ARKHAM setting.. I think I did pretty okay with incorporating his combo weapons into his gameplay, and even COMBAT thug quotes, with tongue-in-cheek references to the looters in DR2, and stuff, but once again, PREDATOR quotes are my bane. Lemme know what you think of the overall product!!!

Chuck Greene 

Information -
Real Name: Chuck Greene
Occupation: Former Motocross Champion, Terrorist
Based In: Fortune City, Nevada 
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dusty Blonde 
Height: 6 ft (Approximately)
Weight: 198 lb (Approximately)
First Appearance: Dead Rising 2 (September, 2010

A famed motocross champion, Chuck Greene seemed to have it all until a zombie outbreak happened in his home of Las Vegas, Nevada. Greene's wife was zombified, and he was forced to kill her and escape. Since then, he became a drifter, angry over his wife's death, and joined the zombie activist group CURE. However, when he moved to Fortune City, Greene started another outbreak.... or so it's thought. However, there seems to be more than meets the eye when it comes to the Fortune City outbreak, and Greene doesn't seem like the type to willingly put hundreds of lives, including himself, in danger. Will add more facts as am able.

Attributes -
* Champion motocross racer, skilled at driving any ground vehicle
* Able to think on his feet and manage time to accomplish tasks quickly
* Skilled at improvisation, combining duos of household objects into odd, yet deadly "Combo Weapons"
* Determination

-Chuck Greene would be voiced by Peter Flemming
-I put in the bio thing just for fun. I figure Batman, being the world's greatest detective, would be able to know there's more to Chuck Greene than people say
-I tried to add in most of his major costumes, including the DLC outfits from Dead Rising 2 that grant you extra abilities 
-Yes, Chuck kills here. These scumbags are in his way, and I feel like he wouldn't care to go through them to get to Katey. He's on a deadline, y'know 
This is a great piece of artwork. I love the watercolor-esque design of everything and how you drew the trio, and to me, this looks very much like official artwork from a particularly sophisticated Marvel comic book.

To start, your rendition of Spider-man is spot on. I'm a fan of the more muted red that you used for the red portions of his suit, and I like how the web pattern is very faded, but you still can see it's there. You also captured that web-slinging pose very well.

Venom looks both cool and intimidating, as I think he should. I like what appears to be a claw at the top-right corner above him, and the darker blue suits him as well. His sharp teeth are captured greatly here. I also like that bit of green, ooze-like droll that he has at the corner of his mouth, a very grotesque, but very nice touch. How you drew his tongue is well-done, as well. Straight, but still has that forked end.

Carnage might by my favorite part of this picture. I love how you drew his claws, plus you have his body build just right, not too bulk, but not too paper thin. The tendrils he has coming off of his symbiote are also very well done. However, my very favorite touch about him has to be the red, grainy particles coming off of him. I know Venom has that as well, but it especially works for Carnage, as it gives off the impression of dried blood around him, which is perfect for his bloodthirst and overall nature.

The backgroud is beautifully drawn. I love the ominous, overall gloominess of the sky. It looks a lot like they're battling in the middle of a stormy sunset, which is a great setting for a climactic battle. The silhouetted buildings and skyscrapers in the background add to the atmosphere, as well.

Overall, I find this to be an expert piece of artwork. Your previous three pieces came together wonderfully to build a climactic, epic piece that suits a classic battle between Spider-man and the two of his deadliest foes perfectly.
Ever tried to stop interacting online with a certain someone, but then they say something that's so freaking ASTOUNDING, and you are SO Dumb-founded that you can't resist the urge to point out something that should be obvious?


Khfan-D98's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
As i said on my profile, i'm not NEW, but i'm here to make a fresh start on DA with my new Email that i will actually remember! Goodbye, :iconkhfan98:

So anyways, I'm a lover of Spider-man, Kingdom Hearts, plushies, pepsi, pizza, and other things. I come on DA to post all sorts of misc things, like photographs of my plushies, some movesets, video game ideas, and WWE CAWs from misc games.

Favorite Fictional Characters:
Spider-man (Marvel), Sora (Kingdom Hearts), Terra Branford (Final Fantasy VI), Deadpool (Marvel), Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist), Yoh Asakura (Shaman King), Darth Vader (Star Wars), Riku (Kingdom Hearts), Simon Belmont (Castlevania), Steven (Steven Universe), Chuck Greene (Dead Rising 2), Cole Macgrath (InFAMOUS), Lapis Lazuli (Steven Universe), Sunset Shimmer (My Little Pony: Equestria Girls), Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn (Sailor Moon), Yuri Lowell (Tales of Vesperia), Samus Aran (Metroid), Rikimaru (Tenchu)

Favorite Drink:
PEPSI!!!!, Orange Soda, Soft Drinks, Milkshakes (Mostly chocolate)

Favorite Sweets:
Orange-flavored candy, M&Ms, Oreos, Peanut Butter candy, Milk Chocolate, Truffles

Here's my stamps that describe me and my interests, made by talented people here on DA

First, some kingdom hearts stamps:
Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Stamp by Dbzbabe 'Kingdom Hearts' Fan stamp by DAXRULZ Sora Fan stamp by DAXRULZ KH stamp by Dbzbabe Second Kingdom Hearts Stamp by winter-ame Riku by Ellexon Are you a fan of Riku ? by kimchii kingdom hearts stamp 2 by kaitastic KH Twitter_Bots Stamps 1 by FlameSalvo

Next, my favorite hero, Spider-man:
Spiderman Stamp by SuperFlash1980 Spider-Man Stamp by QuiGonJinn007 MARVEL The Amazing Spiderman Stamp by TwilightProwler spiderman stamp by Heidelmeier17 Spiderman stamp by Droneguard Marvel Comics Spider-Man Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman

One of my OTHER favorite characters, Terra Branford, and a few other.. fictional crushes:
Terra Branford Stamp by Fischy-Kari-chan Terra Branford Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Terra Stamp by Moararishoz Rainbow Rock Sonata Dusk stamp by NatouMJSonic Sango Stamp by Strawberry-of-Love Sunset Shimmer Stamp [RR] by Tambelon

Some of my other favorite things:
Sailor Saturn Stamp by Dinosaur-Ryuzako Blue Stahli Stamp by Araktugage Celldweller stamp by capitaljay Johto Fan Stamp by Empovyle TEAM BELMONT STAMP by MikaRabidKitsune Stamp-Final Fantasy VI Fan by AMX-269 Frank West stamp by SamThePenetrator ToV - Yuri Lowell Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempest Daredevil Stamp by limav White Ranger + Saba Stamp by laprasking Michael Myers Stamp by BigYellowAlien

Here's some Misc facts about me:
teddy stamp by findyQ Being Yourself by Kurasii The Stamp by glompplz Opinions Stamp by Bandarai Support Human Rights by elicoronel16 Pepsi Addict by Amiliha
I figured I'd make a journal telling you guys about stuff, instead of just randomly doing random stuff. 

First things first, I got my Xbox 360 hooked up again, so i can play my copy of WWE 2K14 again, and post some pictures of my CAWs that I had made, so I'm gonna do THAT a lot from now on. 

Along with this, I will be doing some more SSB and MVC3 movesets, and a few Batman: Arkham movesets.

So, yeah. 


Journal History


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