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Dead Rising Psychopath Idea: 26
Name: Jonathan Bergum 
Mission: Annual Checkup 
Weapon: Shocker, Super Saw (Chainsaw+Cement Saw)
Story: Jonathan was once the most skilled doctor in all of Willamette, who was able to save literally every patient who came to see him. But
in a tragic turn of events, when the outbreak happened, all of his latest patients were zombified in front of him, and he snapped instantly. In denial, he tried to "improve" his room in the hospital by inadvertently making it a deathtrap, with electricity, blades, and other assorted traps. Along with this, he tried to "cure" zombies by slaughtering them. In the end, this man who was once a hero became no less than another madman.
Appearance: Jonathan's whole ensemble is bloodied, in no small part thanks to his new "Medical process". The ensemble consists of a white medical mask, white gloves, and black scrubs. He also has medium length black hair and red eyes.
Encounter: *Frank is wandering around the hospital, in a hall where the lights are
:iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 3 2
Dead Rising Psychopath Idea: 25
Name: Marco Ives 
Mission: The Toymaker 
Weapon: Freedom Bear, Acid Toy
Story: Marco ran the toy store in the Willamette mall, and as such, he used to be a very kind-hearted man, who would always look forward to meeting new people to give his merchandise to. Unfortunately, when the outbreak started, he found salvation in his toys, and became obsessed with keeping them all to himself, attacking anyone and anything who he even THOUGHT would come to take them while holed up in his store.
Appearance: Marco has freckles, small spectacles, red short hair,white overalls, blue shirt, and red tie. He also has normal small brown shoes.
Encounter: *Frank is walking around, and sees Marco in the toy store, arranging shelves. He walks in*
Frank: Uh.... hello? You need some help?
Marco: Hmm? What do you want? Make it quick.
Frank: Well, uh... pal, there's a zombie outbreak going on, and it's really not safe here. So I was wondering if I could help you out, and then get you to safety.
:iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 3 6
UMVC3 Moveset - Simon Belmont

Theme: "Theme of Simon" ( )
Character Bio:
Real Name: Simon Belmont 
Occupation: Vampire Hunter
Abilities: Skilled with his whip, and has several holy powers at his disposal.
Weapons: The "Vampire Killer", a magical whip that can only be used by someone from his bloodline. Along with that, he has an assortment of sub-weapons, such as a throwing axe, knives, a watch that stops time, a holy boomerang shaped like a cross, and "Holy water", a glass that breaks on the ground and creates a fire.
Profile: Several years ago, a man named Mathias Cronqvist gave into the darkness, becoming the legendary Vampire known as Dracula. From then on, the descendants of his old friend Leon Belmont would be forced to fight and kill him every time he arose from his grave to torment humanity. Simon was one of the original and most famous of the clan to do so. Simon Belmont fought through Dracula's castle and defeated him,bu
:iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 0 11
Dead Rising Psychopath Idea: 24
Name: Edward Blackwater 
Mission: Dead Men Tell no Tales 
Weapon: The Buccaneer Blade (Combo Weapon: Hunting Knife+Lead Pipe), Cannon, Hook Hand
Story: Edward Blackwater was a performer in a sort of play, where he was in the lead role of a pirate captain. However, when the outbreak happened, his fellow cast and crew were killed, and he snapped, thinking himself to really be the captain. He retreated into the mall and took a few people hostage at a pirate ship displayed in it, as well as finding two equally insane men, Cecil Patch and Peter Macaw, to join him as his "crew".
Appearance: Edward wears a pirate hat, an eyepatch, and a peg leg, along with a red pirate vest and blue trousers. He has a red boot on his non-peg leg foot, and has a full brown beard, and brown hair. Cecil and Peter have red and blue, respectively, ensembles of bandannas, tanks, and boots.
Encounter: *Frank is walking around the "Freshwater cove" area of the mall, and notices the pirate ship. He stops to
:iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 4 8
Dead Rising Psychopath Idea: 23
Name: Raymond Cadogan 
Mission: Handicap Service (Unmarked)
Weapon: Blitzkrieg 
Story: Raymond was an army man who lost his legs in the field of battle, and was forced to come back home to Willamette after an honorable discharge. Tragically, the outbreak happened and took his family away from him. He became depressed, and that plus his PTSD meant he lost his sanity fully, after which he modified his wheelchair into a Blitzkrieg and became a one-man army, killing zombies and survivors alike, thinking them to be "traitors to the flag".
Appearance: Raymond is in his late 30s-early 40s, with short brown hair, a tank top with a bloodied American flag on it, camoflauged trousers, and combat boots.
Encounter: *Frank walks into an American history gift shop, and hears gunshots*
Frank: Hello?! Is anybody in here??! *He runs over to the back, and sees Raymond shooting a zombie in the head, splattering it's brains over the walls*
Raymond: Another traitor bites the dust.. *He salutes*
:iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 4 15
Dead Rising Psychopath Idea: 22
Name: Bobby Hunt, Jimmy Chase
Mission: Predator and Prey 
Weapon: Sniper Rifle (Hunt), Decapitator (Chase)
Story: Australian childhood friends, Bobby and Jimmy grew up to be big game hunters/poachers. However, their passion for the latter made them targets for the police. Thus, they were always on the run together, and when the outbreak happened, they decided they would take the chance to kill the remainder of Willamette's animals, along with any innocent people, who they were convinced would turn them in.
Appearance: Bobby is tall and buff, with sculpted facial features, a clean shaven face, ripped blue jeans and vest, black ponytail, and a fedora. Jimmy is short and skinny with short blonde hair, glasses, a goatee, and like-new red jacket and pants.
Encounter: *Frank is walking outside the police station, having gotten a call of several mysterious killings, both people and animal. Bobby and Jimmy are on the rooftop, conversing*
Bobby: There's another of those scummy yanks who'll
:iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 4 13
UMVC3 Moveset - Kirby

Theme: "Green Greens" ( )
Character Bio:
Real Name: Kirby 
Occupation: Protector of Dreamland 
Abilities: Kirby has the unique ability to "inhale" his enemies and swallow them, after which he gains most of their own special powers in the form of "copy abilities". He can also fly into the air by flapping his arms.
Weapons: None by default, but gains the weapons of his enemies when he inhales them.
Profile: Kirby is an odd, mysterious, yet adorable creature from the planet Pop Star who was one day called upon when the "king" of his home, King DeDeDe, took all the food for himself. Kirby fought to get it back, but soon learned that there was more at stake than just the food. Since then, Kirby has gone on several adventures across the stars, fighting and sometimes even teaming up with his old nemesis.
First Appearance: Kirby's Dream Land (1992)
Power Grid: 
Intelligence: 2/7
:iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 2 35
UMVC3 Moveset - Spider-man 2099

Theme: "Malicious Wings" ( )
Character Bio:
Real Name: Miguel O'Hara 
Occupation: Vigilante/Scientist 
Abilities: Powers similar to Spider-man, but lacks Spider-sense. Instead, he has "web wings" that allow him to glide on air currents, as well as poisonous fangs.
Weapons: Webs similar to Spider-man that allow him to capture enemies. Fangs that poison any enemies he bites. Sharp claws that allow him to slash, along with talons on his costume.
Profile: Miguel O'hara is a scientist from the year 2099 who worked for the mega-corporation "Alchemax". Growing up around stories of the now-legendary hero Peter Parker, or Spider-man, O'hara was in charge of a science project that was planned to somehow duplicate Parker's superpowers, and create an Alchemax-owned version of Spider-man to use as a weapon. However,one of the test subjects was horribly mutated and soon died during the procedure, c
:iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 3 21
UMVC3 Moveset - Sgt. Boykin

Theme: "Scrape" by Blue Stahli ( )
Character Bio:
Real Name: Dwight Boykin
Occupation: Sergeant 
Abilities: Skilled gunman and hand-to-hand combatant from time in the military.
Weapons: Machine Gun, Grenade, Combat Knife, Pistol
Profile: Dwight Boykin was a military man, whose unit was dispatched to Fortune City during the outbreak to kill zombies and rescue survivors. Sadly, it went horribly wrong, when the zombies were turned into powerful "gas zombies",and Boykin's soldiers were all killed. He snapped, and took his soldiers, who he still thought were alive, with him, along with thinking that any person who came near him was a zombie.
First Appearance: Dead Rising 2 (2010)
Power Grid:
Intelligence: 3/7
Strength: 3/7
Speed: 3/7
Stamina: 3/7
Energy Projection: 1/7
Fighting Ability: 4/7
Intro: Boykin drives onscreen in his humvee, gets out of it, and raises his head before aiming his machine gun at the
:iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 3 6
UMVC3 Moveset - Reed Wallbeck and Roger Withers

Theme: "Switchback Detroit 2000" by Celldweller ( )
Character Bio:
Real Name: Reed Wallbeck, Roger Withers 
Occupation: Magicians
Abilities: Below-average magicians. However, Reed somehow knows how to use a rocket launcher, and Roger is very skilled with his twin swords.
Weapons: Rocket Launcher (Reed), two scimitars (Roger)
Profile: A washed-up, arrogant stage magician and his quiet assistant, these two were were preparing to get back into the spotlight when the Fortune City outbreak occurred. They took the opportunity to kidnap innocent woman and "practice" the iconic saw a woman in half trick on them, only to wind up killing them, after which Reed would blame Roger for any and all failures.
First Appearance: Dead Rising 2 (2010)
Power Grid:
Intelligence: 4/7 (Both)
Strength: 2/7 (Reed), 3/7 (Roger)
Speed 2/7 (Reed), 3/7 (Roger)
Stamina: 3/7 (Both)
Energy Projection: 1/7 (Both)
:iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 3 7
UMVC3 Moveset - Sora

Theme:"Hikari Rock Version" ( )
Character Bio:
Real Name: Sora
Occupation: Keyblade Wielder 
Abilities: Sora is a skilled sword fighter, and has several different kinds of magic spells at his disposal. He is also able to use light in several ways to attack.
Weapons: The Keyblade, a weapon that is a combination of a sword and a key.
Profile: Sora used to be an ordinary boy who always dreamed of seeing other words, with his friends Riku and Kairi. However, one fateful night, when he was 14, the islands that he lived on were attacked by creatures known as heartless, and he gained a mysterious weapon known as the Keyblade. Separated from his friends, and his home destroyed, Sora learned that it was his duty as the Keyblade's chosen wielder to go to other worlds and seal their "keyholes", to prevent the heartless from attacking them anymore.
First Appearance: Kingdom Hearts (2002)
Power Grid:
:iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 2 15
Soul Calibur Moveset - Cloud Strife

Stage: An eerily lit city area with a factory, full of construction areas, and green lights emanating from it.
Stage Music:
Character Bio: Cloud Strife is an ex-member of the group SOLDIER, a military fighting force enhanced by the energy "mako", who work for the mega corporation Shinra. One day, he was hired by the rebellion group Avalanche to fight against his former employers and save the planet, all the while discovering hidden secrets from his past and fighting his fated enemy, the former hero Sephiroth.
Real Name: Cloud Strife
Occupation: Mercenary
Abilities: Almost superhuman s
:iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 2 12
Smash Bros. Moveset: Soma Cruz
Intro: Soma walks onscreen, closes his eyes as red, blue, and yellow orbs go into him, then opens them
Idle Animation: Soma stands as his coat flows in the wind
Notable Palette Swaps: Soma's default appearance is his Dawn of Sorrow outfit, but he has palette swaps resembling Julius Belmont, Dmitrii Blinov, Hammer, Yoko Belnades, Mina Hakuba, Genya Arikado, and Dracula. He also has his Aria of Sorrow and Dracula reincarnated appearances as alternate costumes.
Walk Animation: Soma walks forward with his fists to his sides
Run Animation: Soma simply moves faster
Dizzy Animation: Soma clutches his head with his hands, as though trying to fight something in his mind
Edge Grab: Soma simply grabs the ledge with both hands
Basic Attacks:
A,A,A: Soma jabs forward, does a stronger punch, then punches rapidly with the Kaiser Knuckles
Forward+A: Quickly stabs with a combat knife
Down+A: Crouches down and swings a mace
Up+A: Uppercuts 
Dash+A: Slashes with a sword while running
Air+A: Slashes
:iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 2 5
Smash Bros. Moveset: Firion
Intro: Firion runs onscreen and jumps as he calls his weapons to him, ending with his sword as he grabs it while kneeling, points it forward, and stands back up
Idle Animation: Firion turns to the side and puts his hands on his hips
Notable Palette Swaps: Firion has palette swaps resembling Guy, Minwu, Leon, Gordon, Ricard, Josef, Maria, and Emperor Mateus
Walk Animation: Firion walks forward, his hand on one of his weapons as his cape flows
Run Animation: Firion runs normally, moving his arms while doing so
Dizzy Animation: Firion drops to his knees, gulping
Edge Grab: Firion stabs into the edge with his daggers
Basic Attacks:
A,A,A: Firion stabs with one of his daggers, swings his sword, and spins his lance in front of him for each tap of the A button
Forward+A: Swings his staff 
Down+A: Swings his lance downwards 
Up+A: Swings his sword upwards
Dash+A: Sweeps his lance while running
Air+A: Swings his staff
Air Forward+A: Shoots an arrow
Air Back+A: Swings his sword behind
:iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 2 4
Smash Bros. Moveset: Frank West
Intro: A helicopter flies onscreen, Frank jumps out of it, and he does a roll before getting to his feet 
Idle Animation: Frank turns his camera around in his hands and inspects it
Notable Palette Swaps: Frank has palette swaps that resemble Brad Garrison, Carlito Keyes, Otis Washington, Adam Macintyre, Chuck Greene, and Nick Ramos 
Walk Animation: Frank simply walks forward, keeping both hands on his camera
Run Animation: Frank keeps one hand on his camera and runs
Dizzy Animation: Frank doubles over and clutches his stomach as if he's about to vomit
Edge Grab: Frank hangs his camera over his neck and grabs the edge with both hands
Basic Attacks:
A,A,A: Frank does a left hook, followed by a right hook, and ends with an uppercut 
Forward+A: Takes out a small chainsaw and swings it forward with each press of the A button
Down+A: Does a low kick, hitting foes who are knocked down
Up+A: Takes out a chair and slams it down
Dash+A: Summons the weapon cart and charges forward
:iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 3 11
Batman: Arkham skill-set - Spider-man
His classic outfit (Slightly tweaked), Black suit, Spider-man noir, The Amazing Spider-man movie, Captain Universe 
Intro Quotes and Animations:
*Swings in on a web while saying "Time to swing into action!"
*Is seen crawling on a wall, and says "Look out, here comes the Spider-man!" before dropping onto the stage.
*Is seen turned away as the spider sense tingles, but quickly jumps to face the opponents, saying " My Spider-sense tells me a butt-kicking's about to occur."
*Crosses his arms and says "Meh. I've fought tougher than you punks, thousands of times."
Playstyle: Spider-man would be a very powerful character. He's slightly stronger than Batman, about as fast as Catwoman, and has a slightly longer window with which to counter attacks. He also doesn't make alot of noise while walking. He doesn't have the ability to glide manually, needing to use his web wings gadget. However, he can attach to vantage points with a web-line, and is the
:iconkhfan-d98:Khfan-D98 2 1


Death Battle Moveset: Buttercup

Entrance: Buttercup flies onscreen, a trail of green light behind her, and crosses her arms.
Exit: Buttercup smiles and levitates above the ground shortly before disappearing in a green flash.
Standard (Light): Punches
Standard (Medium): Punches twice
Standard (Heavy): Coats her fist in green energy and punches
Launcher: Coats her fist in green energy and uppercuts
Aerial (Light): Punches
Aerial (Medium): Summons a green energy orb
Aerial (Heavy): Coats her foot with green energy and does a flip kick
Crouching (Light): Punches
Crouching (Medium): Coats her fist in green energy and punches
Crouching (Heavy): Fires lasers at the ground from her eyes
Grab: Powerpuff Pummel
Buttercup knocks the opponent into the air, flies through them, then does a flurry of punches that knocks them back down.
Special Moves:
Buttercup Blaster: Buttercup fires a green energy blast from her hands.
Tornado Formation: Buttercup spins her arm to create a green tornado which
:iconyellowflash1234:YellowFlash1234 3 0
Death Battle Moveset: Bubbles

Entrance: Bubbles flies onscreen with a nervous look in her eyes before shaking raising her fists.
Exit: Bubbles laughs before flying offscreen.
Standard (Light): Slaps
Standard (Medium): Punches
Standard (Heavy): Brings both fists downward
Launcher: Costs her fist with blue energy and uppercuts
Aerial (Light): Punches
Aerial (Medium): Kicks
Aerial (Heavy): Summons an orb of blue electricity
Crouching (Light): Kicks
Crouching (Medium): Punches
Crouching (Heavy): Fires lasers at the ground from his eyes
Grab: Powerpuff Press
Bubbles knocks the opponent into the air, dashes through them multiple times, then pushes them down into the ground, causing a small tremor.
Special Moves:
Bubbles Blaster: Bubbles fires a blue energy blast from her hands.
Sonic Scream: Bubbles screams, firing an ultrasonic sound wave at her opponent.
Electro Orb: Bubbles creates an orb of electricity and launches it at her foe.
Bubbles Dash: Bubbles flies through the opponent, l
:iconyellowflash1234:YellowFlash1234 2 0
Death Battle Moveset: Blossom

Entrance: Blossom appears onscreen in a pink flash and raises her fists.
Exit: Blossom starts giggling while hovering above the ground before flying away.
Standard (Light): Punches
Standard (Medium): Kicks
Standard (Heavy): Coats her fist in pink energy and punches
Launcher: Coats her fist in pink energy and uppercuts
Aerial (Light): Punches
Aerial (Medium): Punches twice
Aerial (Heavy): Summons an orb of pink energy
Crouching (Light): Kicks
Crouching (Medium): Punches
Crouching (Heavy): Fires two lasers at the ground from her eyes
Grab: Powerpuff Punch
Blossom knocks the opponent into the air, dashes through them multiple times, then does a powerful punch that knocks them back down.
Special Moves:
Blossom Blaster: Blossom fires a pink energy blast from her hands.
Ice Breath: Blossom exhales an icy mist that freezes opponents.
Fire Breath: Blossom launches a fireball from her mouth.
Blossom Dash: Blossom flies through the opponent, leavi
:iconyellowflash1234:YellowFlash1234 3 0
Death Battle Moveset: Vegeta

Entrance: Vegeta flies down and folds his arms, a smug look on his face.
Exit: Vegeta puts his hand in a finger-gun position and grins smugly.
Standard (Light): Punches
Standard (Medium): Spin Kick
Standard (Heavy): Punches twice
Launcher: Vegeta pulls his arm back, then does a powerful uppercut
Aerial (Light): Punches
Aerial (Medium): Elbows
Aerial (Heavy): Double-Axe Handle
Crouching (Light): Kicks
Crouching (Medium): Sweep Kick
Crouching (Heavy): Fires a blast of energy at the ground.
Grab: Amazing Impact
Vegeta grabs the opponent, repeatedly punches and kicks them, punches them into the air, flies after them, and hits them back down.
Special Moves:
Galick Gun: Vegeta fires a purple beam of energy across the screen.
Exploding Wave: Vegeta releases an explosive burst of energy from his body, blasting his opponent backwards.
Big Bang Attack: Vegeta fires an explosive ball of ki from an open palm. It moves slowly, but it's much stronger
:iconyellowflash1234:YellowFlash1234 10 0
Death Battle Moveset: Yoshi

Biography: The Yoshis are a race of dinosaur-like creatures who live on Yoshi's Island, a happy place where the Yoshis can eat as much as they want. One day, the baby Mario suddenly landed on the island, and the Yoshis kept him safe from the forces of the young Koopa King Bowser while delivering him safely to his parents. Now all grown up, Mario has become the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, and one particular Yoshi, which has learned to understand human language, has been his friend since his journey on Dinosaur Island. Whenever Mario needs him, Yoshi will be there for the heroic plumber to ride.
Play Style: Yoshi would be a very floaty character, with a light weight and a high jumping height. This lightness gives Yoshi a high speed ranking, letting him move very fast and get around the battlefield easily while jumping. Though his light weight makes his physical attacks a bit weak, his special moves are powerful, and he has an attack to r
:iconyellowflash1234:YellowFlash1234 8 0
Death Battle Moveset: Waluigi

Entrance: Waluigi walks onscreen, tennis racket in hand, before he notices the opponent and angrily stomps on the ground.
Exit: Waluigi puts his hands of his hips and cackles before accidentally falling over.
Standard (Light): Punches
Standard (Medium): Kicks
Standard (Heavy): Swings his tennis racket
Launcher: Tosses a Bob-Omb to the ground, which immediately explodes
Aerial (Light): Punches
Aerial (Medium): Brings his fists down on the opponent
Aerial (Heavy): Swings his racket downward
Crouching (Light): Kicks
Crouching (Medium): Swings his racket
Crouching (Heavy): A Pirahna Plant sprouts from the ground and bites the opponent.
Grab: Waluigi Stomp
Waluigi knocks the opponent to the ground with his racket and rapidly stomps on them.
Special Moves:
Bob-Omb Toss: Waluigi throws a Bob-Omb which detonates on contact with the opponent.
Wall-Luigi: Waluigi forms a wall of thorny purple vines for defense.
Drop Rocket: Waluigi gains a purple
:iconyellowflash1234:YellowFlash1234 10 0
Death Battle Moveset: Donkey Kong

Biography: One fateful day, an escaped circus gorilla battled with his owner on top of a construction site. After escaping, said ape had a son, who ended up also having a son. All three apes were named Donkey Kong. The third Donkey Kong ended up becoming the ruler of Donkey Kong Island, and hoarding the island's bananas for himself. With the insane Kremling King K. Rool constantly trying to steal his delicious golden treasures, DK will always be there to pummel him if need be.
Play Style: Donkey Kong is a heavy character, characterized by his high attack power and high resistance to most forms of damage. Unlike other tanks, Donkey Kong is pretty light on his feet. Though he isn't the fastest fighter, DK's speed is higher than most other heavies, and his jump height is surprisingly high. Donkey Kong's special character trait is Banana Heal, which has him pick up and eat a banana if he stands still for too long to regain some health. Howev
:iconyellowflash1234:YellowFlash1234 7 4
Death Battle Moveset: Bowser

Entrance: Bowser lands onscreen with a thud and roars, breathing fire at the camera.
Exit: Bowser calls down the Koopa Clown Car and flies away.
Standard (Light): Jabs with his claws
Standard (Medium): Punches
Standard (Heavy): Does a shoulder bash
Launcher: Retracts into his shell and hops upward
Aerial (Light): Punches
Aerial (Medium): Bites forward
Aerial (Heavy): Headbutts
Crouching (Light): Sweeps his hand across the ground
Crouching (Medium): Kicks with both feet
Crouching (Heavy): Retreats into his shell and spins
Grab: Koopa Claw
Bowser grabs the opponent, gnaws on them, then knocks them back with a slash from his claws.
Special Moves:
Fire Breath: Bowser shoots a continuous stream of flames from his mouth.
Whirling Fortress: Bowser retreats into his shell and spins, flying at the opponent.
Bowser Bomb: Bowser leaps up and lands, butt first, on the ground.
Shell Crush: Bowser curls into his shell and rolls at the opponent, c
:iconyellowflash1234:YellowFlash1234 9 0
Death Battle Moveset: Ganondorf

Entrance: Ganondorf appears onscreen in a burst of dark energy and the Swords of Despair materializes in his hands.
Exit: Ganondorf sheathes his swords and shows off his Triforce, lifting himself up with a pillar of darkness.
Standard (Light): Punches
Standard (Medium): Swings his one of his swords
Standard (Heavy): Engulfs his swords in dark energy and slashes
Launcher: Forms a claw of dark energy around his arm and uppercuts with it
Aerial (Light): Punches
Aerial (Medium): Slashes with his left sword
Aerial (Heavy): Engulfs his swords in dark energy and slashes downward
Crouching (Light): Kicks
Crouching (Medium): Sweep Kick
Crouching (Heavy): Charges his swords with dark energy and stabs forward
Grab: Flame Choke
Ganondorf grabs the opponent by the neck and lifts them up before summoning a burst of dark fire in his palm, blasting them back.
Special Moves:
Dead Man's Volley: Ganondorf forms a ball of lightning in the palm of his hand a
:iconyellowflash1234:YellowFlash1234 7 0
MK vs. Nintendo Universe: Shulk
Mortal Kombat vs. Nintendo Universe – Nintendo side (from Xenoblade Chronicles)

Kostume 1: His outfit from Xenoblade (as usual)
Kostume 2: His alternate costume is his undergarments
Kosplay DLC 1: Thundarr the Barbarian
Kosplay DLC 2: He-Man from Masters of the Universe
Voice Actor: Adam Howden
Shulk is an 18-year old levelheaded youth who likes to think things through and is very methodical in his approach to most situations. He is one of the few people able to wield the Monado, a special sword able to defeat the Mechon, due to the fact that he was one of the only known survivors on a previous expedition to retrieve the sacred weapon. He first acquires the sword when his home, Colony 9, is attacked by a group of Mechon led by Metal Face, which leads to the death of his childhood friend, Fiora. His first act upon acquiring the "destined weapon" is to fight for an end to the war w
:iconthedeadlyrosered:TheDeadlyRosered 13 6
MK vs. Nintendo Universe: Zelda
Mortal Kombat vs. Nintendo Universe - Nintendo side (from The Legend of Zelda)

Kostume 1: Her costume from Hyrule Warriors
Kostume 2: Her costume from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Kosplay DLC: Princess Amethyst
Voice Actor: Melissa Hutchison
The crown princess of Hyrule, Zelda knows much about the Triforce; in fact, the only person who likely knows more about Triforce lore is Ganondorf himself, whom Zelda evaded in Ocarina of Time by transforming into her alter ego, Sheik.

Special Attacks:
Triforce Beam: Zelda summons a big Triforce and shoots a light beam from it at her opponent.Nayru's Love: Zelda surrounds herself and twirls in a big diamond that can also reflect projectiles.Din's Fire: Zelda summons a red spark that flies to her opponent and bursts into a fiery explosion.Farore's Wind: Zelda spins around and teleports e
:iconthedeadlyrosered:TheDeadlyRosered 11 9
Death Battle Moveset: Killer B

Entrance: B jumps and flips onscreen and takes out his Supervibrato Lightning Release Swords.
Exit: B puts his swords away and points at the opponent before writing something down on a piece of paper.
Standard (Light): Spins with his swords outstretched
Standard (Medium): Jumps up and rolls forward with his swords out
Standard (Medium): Channels lightning into his swords before slashing with all of his swords
Launcher: Turns his arm into Gyuki's fist and uppercuts
Aerial (Light): Flips backward, slashing with some of his swords
Aerial (Medium): Spins with his swords outstretched
Aerial (Heavy): Rolls forward with his swords out
Crouching (Light): Kicks
Crouching (Medium): Sweep Kick
Crouching (Heavy): Forms Gyuki's tentacle and sweeps it across the ground
Grab: Octopus Crush
B lashes out with one of Gyuki tentacles, wrapping it around the opponent, and pulls them towards him, slashing them with his swords afterwards.
Special Moves:
:iconyellowflash1234:YellowFlash1234 7 5
Death Battle Moveset: Sasuke Uchiha

Entrance: Sasuke calmly walks onscreen and activates his Sharingan, placing his hand on his sword's hilt.
Exit: Sasuke covers half of his face with his hand and maniacally grins.
Standard (Light): Backhands
Standard (Medium): Slashes with the Kusanagi.
Standard (Heavy): Forms a sword of black fire in his free hand and swings it downward
Launcher: Forms his Susano'o's arm and uppercuts with it
Aerial (Light): Slashes with the Kusanagi.
Aerial (Medium): Coats the Kusanagi with electricity and stabs with it
Aerial (Heavy): Forms a sword of black flames and swings it
Crouching (Light): Kicks
Crouching (Medium): Stabs with the Kusanagi
Crouching (Heavy): Puts his hand on the ground and electrical sparks shoot out of the ground in front of him
Grab: Inferno Style Flame Control: Hedgehog
Sasuke forms the Susano'o's arm and grabs the opponent. His Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan activates and Amaterasu spikes form in the Susano'o's hand, burning the
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Death Battle Moveset: Gaara of the Desert

Entrance: Gaara lowers himself down on a sand platform and pops the cork off of his gourd, bringing out a stream of sand.
Exit: Gaara holds his hands out in front of him and the sand behind him forms into the shape of his mother.
Standard (Light): Swings his arm, followed by a trail of sand
Standard (Medium): Forms a spear of sand and stabs with it
Standard (Heavy): Forms Shukaku's arm and backhands with it
Launcher: Gaara forms Shukaku's tail and extends it upward.
Aerial (Light): Thrusts his arm forward, a stream of sand following it
Aerial (Medium): Forms Shukaku's arm and thrusts it forward
Aerial (Heavy): Sticks his arms out and crosses them, thrusting two sand arms forward
Crouching (Light): Punches forward, followed by a sand bullet
Crouching (Medium): Places his hand on the ground, uppercutting with a sand arm
Crouching (Heavy): Sweeps a sand tail across the ground
Grab: Hands of Shukaku
Gaara grabs the opponent and forms two han
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Death Battle Moveset: Kisame Hoshigaki

Entrance: Kisame walks up and draws Samehada, a big smirk on his face.
Exit: Kisame dives underground, Samehada's tip jutting out like a shark fin, and swims away.
Standard (Light): Elbows
Standard (Medium): Swings Samehada
Standard (Heavy): Swings Samehada upward
Launcher: Kisame spins with Samehada extended.
Aerial (Light): Swings Samehada
Aerial (Medium): Thrusts Samehada forward
Aerial (Heavy): Swings Samehada downward
Crouching (Light): Kicks
Crouching (Medium): Thrusts Samehada forward
Crouching (Heavy): Sweeps Samehada across the ground
Grab: Shark Skin
Kisame swings Samehada at the opponent, rakes it across their chest, and kicks them away.
Special Moves:
Water Shark Bomb: Kisame forms a shark out of water and launches it at the opponent. It can be charged, becoming Water Shark Shotgun, which fires three water sharks instead.
Water Clone: Kisame forms a clone of himself out of water and sends it after the opponent, swinging Sameh
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MKX Moveset - Big Daddy
Real name: Big Daddy
Profile: Big Daddies are genetically enhanced human beings who have had their skin and organs grafted into an enormous diving suit, with Alpha Series being an apparent exception to the grafting process, though still heavily spliced. Their prime directive is to protect their Little Sister at any cost.
Abilities & Weapons: Big Daddies boast their superhuman strength, as well as their ability to remain unwavering when under attack. Each model of the Daddy harbors his own abilities and weapons, ranging from a weaponized drill to superpower-esque Plasmids.
First appearance: Bioshock (2007)
Alternate Costume: Each big Daddy uses their elite variant, with the exception of Delta, who becomes Sigma.
Intro: The Daddy and his Little Sister enter the arena, the Daddy pushing his sister behind him.
Round Won: The Daddy roars  as his Little Sister cheers him on.
Round Loss: The Daddy roars
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Name: Jonathan Bergum 

Mission: Annual Checkup 

Weapon: Shocker, Super Saw (Chainsaw+Cement Saw)

Story: Jonathan was once the most skilled doctor in all of Willamette, who was able to save literally every patient who came to see him. But
in a tragic turn of events, when the outbreak happened, all of his latest patients were zombified in front of him, and he snapped instantly. In denial, he tried to "improve" his room in the hospital by inadvertently making it a deathtrap, with electricity, blades, and other assorted traps. Along with this, he tried to "cure" zombies by slaughtering them. In the end, this man who was once a hero became no less than another madman.

Appearance: Jonathan's whole ensemble is bloodied, in no small part thanks to his new "Medical process". The ensemble consists of a white medical mask, white gloves, and black scrubs. He also has medium length black hair and red eyes.

Encounter: *Frank is wandering around the hospital, in a hall where the lights are flickering*
Frank: Geez.. this place gives me the creeps. I've never been fond of the atmosphere hospitals have, but this takes the eeriness to a whole new level! *Suddenly, he hears screams from one of the rooms*
Woman: Please let me go!!!! You're insane!!!! 
Jonathan: Just stay with me... your shock therapy's almost over!! *Frank runs in, and sees the woman in an electric chair, with Jonathan patting her shoulder* 
Frank: What the...??!! 
Woman: Oh, thank god... help me!!! *At that, the chair fries her*
Jonathan: Not again... why can't I save them?? What am I doing wrong???
Frank: What do you think??! She's dead because of what you just did! That's not the way to save ANYONE!
Jonathan: What are you saying? That.. I can't help people? *He walks over to a zombie strapped to a gurney* I've ALWAYS helped people...  *He grabs a scalpel and scrapes it over the zombie's arm, slicing it open* I just healed this zombie from it's affliction!
Frank: This is sick!! You need to stop this!!
Jonathan: I CAN'T STOP!! I need to save everyone! Starting with.. you.. just sit back, and relax.. your treatment will be harmless. It'll be just what the doctor ordered.. *He starts to menacingly creep towards Frank, chuckling creepily*

Fight: Jonathan fights by hacking away at Frank with his chainsaw, and can also spin around with it outstretched, similar to the other chainsaw-wielding bosses from the series. But he can also go up to Frank and grapple him, during which the player must rapidly press the action button to kick Jonathan away, or else he'll put the shocker on Frank's chest, electrocuting him for alot of damage.

Death: *Jonathan clutches his shoulder* 
Jonathan: Why.. are you resisting your treatment? You can trust me.. I'm a doctor.. I know what I'm doing.. *He begins to cough, and bleed from his shoulder. He gasps at he sight of his own blood* No!! I'm.. I'm getting sick!!! I have to cure MYSELF!!! 
Frank: I don't think that's a very good idea, pal..
Jonathan: *Walks over to the shocker, and holds it to his own stomach* CLEAR!!! *He gets shocked, and falls down, close to a zombie from a gurney. The zombie tears it's restraint off and bites Jonathan, as he screams. Jonathan then suddenly rises up as a zombie.*

*Afterwards, Frank has the option to put Jonathan out of the rest of his misery, plus unlocking the blueprints for his weapons. Also, zombie Jonathan drops a key that, if Frank can avoid the variety of traps around the building, unlocks a room full of medical supplies.*
Dead Rising Psychopath Idea: 26
He's no Dr. Feelgood, that's for sure. 

I know we had a crazy doctor as early as one game ago, but I feel like unlike Albert, who's out-and-out evil and insane, it'd be neat to have a tragic hero kind of doctor who still THINKS he's doing the right thing, along with a really disturbing guy, with a chainsaw.. yeah.. blood, torture, stuff.

Boss Theme:…


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Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
As i said on my profile, i'm not NEW, but i'm here to make a fresh start on DA with my new Email that i will actually remember! Goodbye, :iconkhfan98:

So anyways, I'm a lover of Spider-man, Kingdom Hearts, plushies, pepsi, pizza, and other things. I come on DA to post all sorts of misc things, like photographs of my plushies, some movesets, video game ideas, and WWE CAWs from misc games.

Here's my stamps that describe me and my interests, made by talented people here on DA

First, some kingdom hearts stamps:
Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Stamp by Dbzbabe 'Kingdom Hearts' Fan stamp by DAXRULZ Sora Fan stamp by DAXRULZ KH stamp by Dbzbabe Second Kingdom Hearts Stamp by winter-ame Riku by Ellexon

Next, my favorite hero, Spider-man:
Spiderman Stamp by SuperFlash1980 Spider-Man Stamp by QuiGonJinn007

Here's some Misc facts about me:
Entrance: Death floats down onscreen with his scythe over his shoulder, then readies it, pointing it at the opponent.

Exit: Death gives an evil laugh, then goes over to the opponent and brings his scythe down on them, just as the camera cuts to black.

Standard (Light): Swings his scythe
Standard (Medium): Slashes twice
Standard (Heavy): Spins his scythe around
Launcher: Swings his scythe in an upwards arc 
Aerial (Light): Slashes
Aerial (Medium): Brings his scythe down
Aerial (Heavy): Stabs with the point of his scythe
Crouching (Light): Stabs
Crouching (Medium): Sweeps his scythe across the ground
Crouching (Heavy): Slashes twice

Grab: Judgment 
Death grabs the opponent and slams them to the ground, then slashes them across the back with his scythe.

Special Moves:
Scythe Buzzsaw: Death curls into a ball and jumps at the opponent, slashing them multiple times with his scythe.
Scythe Throw: Death tosses his scythe, making it fly at the opponent and boomerang back to death.
Slogra and Gaibon: Death summons his two servants, and Gaibon picks Slogra up and slams down with him, stabbing the opponent.
Skull Bite: Death summons a giant green skull, which bites the opponent.

Super Move: Scythe Storm
Death starts to float into the air and summons countless small sickles that float across the stage

Ultimate Move: The Gates of Hell
Death slashes with his scythe. If it hits, the opponent is immobilized, a giant blue hand appears from under them and pulls them into an alternate dimension. As the opponent looks in terror, they see death slowly shambling towards them. When death reaches his foe, he impales them onto his scythe. Finally, the camera cuts to the opponent's point of view, as death extends his mouth to them. The camera then cuts to black as the opponent screams, and when it returns, the opponent is seen lifeless, and death is standing over them with his scythe over his shoulder.

Alternate Costumes:
Rondo of Blood Appearance 
Order of Ecclesia Appearance 
Dawn of Sorrow Appearance
Judgment Appearance 

Universe: Castlevania
Title: The Servant of Dracula
Home Stage: Castle Clock Tower
Voice Actor: Travis Willingham 


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